CyberPanel disk space almost full after installing wordpress

I just installed wordpress using cyberpanel on vultr. In cybepanel disk usage shows 89% full !!! Please suggest me how to get rid off this problem… Where should i go to see which file consumes more space and solve this problem?

I was just using this command yesterday to look at folder sizes

in ssh, you can run this du -h --max-depth=1 | sort -hr within any folder (move between folders with the cd command - there’s lots of guides online how to use it) and it will list folders by the size of all subfolders and files within it. You can then move from folder to folder to investigate where the large files are

But, one main question - was this installed on a fresh server? Did you install cyberpanel manually or with the Vultr automated install?


i use 20GB space
and cyberpanel + ubuntu only took about 7GB

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hey Nick-
where did you type the command?
In which terminal. please tell me.

yeah i at first bought vultr cloud compute instance, then installed cyberpanel with openlitespeed ! then installed wordpress.

You will have to get an application that allows you to connect to a server via SSH. Search online and you will find many options. You can log in with the credentials supplied by vultr.

I suggest starting a fresh instance of vultr high frequency (not the new AMD and Intel high performance servers - they are less powerful) with only Ubuntu 20.04 installed. Then connect with ssh and install cyberpanel using the instructions here 01 - Installing CyberPanel - Docs - CyberPanel Community

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show me the du -s -h /* output

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hi shoaib,
/usr shows 5.6G
/var shows 1.5G
now suggest me what should i do?
Thanks in advance:)