Cyberpanel disk detection

Have a vps with below hdd:
vda Main (/) 20GB
vdb mounted block storage (/home) 50GB

On a freshly installed server, cyberpanel reads only 20GB. Could not read mounted LVM.

So far only managed to get it to read 60GB by manual merge partition before centos installation. From what I understand doing so affects the backup in case of data corruption.

Any guidance on this?

Thanks in advance .

You need not worry, because python may not be able to read space from mounted LVM. But if it is mounted on /home complete 50GB of space will be utilized.

the is the diection to mount an ext4 volume according to vultr…

Mount block storage:

mkdir /mnt/blockstorage

echo >> /etc/fstab

echo /dev/vdb1 /mnt/blockstorage ext4 defaults,noatime,nofail 0 0 >> /etc/fstab

mount /mnt/blockstorage

if /home is already existing, how exactly can we mount such a volume??

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Good question, i’m tried to do the same.

How do we mount block storage to /home?