Cyberpanel Cron Jobs not working

I have disabled WordPress cron on my website and enabled server cron using Cyberpanel Cron Jobs.
At first, it was working fine but suddenly it stopped without any changes done on Cyberpanel.

I tried different URL formats but nothing worked!
wget -q -O /dev/null
wget -q -O - - This worked for one day and suddenly it stopped working.

I have already updated Cyberpanel and tried disabling all firewalls but nothing is working.

Can you please help?

I hope you solved it already, in case not my suggestion is to wrap the url in " and use --spider option:

wget --spider “

Hope can help you or someone else reading this.

I forgot: cyberpanel website cronjobs has a bug: after saving or modifying a cronjob you should restart the cron service or it will ignore the modification:

service cron restart

And if the service cron restart doesn’t work, any other ideas? We even pulled the crons out of the user cron folder and moved it under crontab and it’s still not firing. This is not a Wordpress site either, so wp-cron should have no impact.

Hi @thejuan, usually the cron restart works for me but sometimes it failed too. I did open an issue on github, if you want to share your details there will be helpful for the CP team to understand and fix the issue I guess.
Here is the github issue: [BUG] · Issue #1086 · usmannasir/cyberpanel · GitHub



Can you explain how to restart cron service

ssh on your linux server with a sudo user (or root) and “service cron restart”.