CyberPanel creating a folder for a deleted website

I deleted a website long ago but a folder keeps being created for it at /home/, no matter how many times I delete it. The only thing that the folder contains is an empty public_html folder.

I have deleted all unused databases from mariadb, and searched the remaining ones for the wesbite name and didn’t find anything.

I am using latest version of CyberPanel, but it has been happening for months. To clarify, it doesn’t show in Cyberpanel - it only creates the folder that I can see via the ssh cli. E.g cd /home ls . So there’s nothing to delete.

sorry oot:

is this returned bug
or you are using old Cyberpanel
please paste here your cyberpanel version

My version is

Latest Version :


Latest Build :


Latest Commit :


new version…
at github it said only about “reveal apps that hide”

this bug just like at 2.1.2

i hope developer will come here and check this out

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