Cyberpanel Connect menu

what this connect menu for ? the link goes to Login - CyberPanel

This is to connect your cyberpanel setup to Cyberpanel Cloud service which is a paid service. But there are few tools which are made available to all users FREE such as Email debugging, Mysql optimization, and few more.

Cyberpanel Cloud subscription will give you official support from the cyberpanel developers as long as your subscription is active. Along with the support, you get many tools to manage your cyberpanel setup with ease.

so, this is only work for paid version ?

how the mysql can be optimized ? cyberpanel cloud will access into my server ?

By default mysql is optimized with default settings in cyberpanel. You can change as per your likes/requirements if any.

With cyberpanel cloud, it gives you easy access to apply few optimizations directly to your cyberpanel setup.

Yes, to use cyberpanel cloud, you need to activate the API option inside your cyberpanel setup. Giving api access will grant permission to cyberpanel cloud to make changes to your cyberpanel setup.

Hope you get it. If any more doubts let me know

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I Will try it now… i hope it will make more improvement

i found error when i try to scan WP installation
can you forward this to usman ?

btw it’s just like cloud control panel

can i just give user to cloud cyber panel rather than mydomain.tld:8090 ?

and not updated ?

Certain features are restricted to Paid users only. You need to subscribe to have all the features provided by Cloud

Yes, this has been not updated lately.

then it will useless for free user ?

Its not really meant for free. Its a paid service but developers of cyberpanel has opened up few tools for free to cyberpanel users as a kind gesture.

yes, i can see it… btw, thx for the info

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