CyberPanel Cloud Features?

I am testing out CyberPanel as a replacement for WHM/cPanel which I currently use. I like the idea of having a cloud dashboard to control multiple servers but all I could do is register an account and login. All the other functions require a subscription, and I get it but how am I to pay for something I can’t even try?

In it says “There are some features of cloud that are paid”, meaning that there are some which are free but I couldn’t find any; I can’t even connect a server without a subscription.

Someone please elaborate: Are there going to be any free features in the cloud dashboard? If not, how about a trial/demo?

P.S. Is there a chance I’m an idiot and you actually need the enterprise version in order to connect with the cloud?

i was trying so many times to cyber panel
loging admin and password console password
but its wrong massage coming