Cyberpanel centos install problem


I have dedicated server from ovh with centos 7. I tried to install cyberpanel enterprise with litespeed ent license… unfortunatelly everything is all right, but at the ending console showed something like this:

Successfully ran: systemctl enable firewalld.

Connection reset by xxx.xx.xx.xx port 22

After this I can’t log in to my server via ssh and can’t reboot it from ovh panel. 15 minutes later OVH fixed it automatically, but litespeed service doen’t works.

Maybe someone had similar problem?

you have to forward your port first then enable firewall otherwise firewall will block your access. in this case you need to manage your server from console (if any) or boot from rescue mode and forward port by editing config file

@vegito15 Did you solve this problem already?
@jobayer How can I do this, my server does not have a rescue mode.