Cyberpanel Application Installer Hook to allow for "upgrade safe" custom preferences

See this post for an idea:

I was thinking about this and this would be a sweet feature for those setting up custom WordPress installs and wanting to use stock WordPress but auto-install additional plugins/themes etc.

This would also be handy for stuff like Magento Drupal(drush/drupal console) which has a CLI interface for managing plugins and settings .

If Cyberpanel administrator had some way to customize either the application installer URLs or add in additional commands during/ after the install without having to mod the core files where all this is hardcoded this would make adding new/custom applications easier.

If there was a template or cyberpanel UI interface to add/remove applications with the commands that need run would be sweet. This should be pretty possible to create an Admin interface for the
Installable Applications and have all this stuff in cyberpanel DB in new table and then the just loops through the DB entries to populate these as options selectable for resellers/users.

Softaculous pretty much has a similar way to customize installs but requires prebuilding the packages and messing about with xml files.

So if we had a way to use the stock install zips and customize via the native CLI this would be amazing and bring another amazing unique feature to Cyberpanel I don’t think any other panel has built in.

Do you think it would be enough if we allow user to specify commands after installation has completed?

yeah that would probably work.

@usmannasir @whattheserver I love this idea! Giving admins the ability to preinstall plugins/themes/etc in applications like WordPress can be crucial to tailoring services. Long term it would be great to see more app-specific management features in CyberPanel. Many hosts offer their customers plugin and theme management (updates and installation) without ever having to log into the WordPress dashboard. I also like the idea of being able to control LSCache from CyberPanel itself (even just basic functions like clearing the cache or disabling it temporarily).

Thats a great idea Litespeed for cPanel has a plugin for this already:

Shouldn’t be that hard to add something like this to cyberpanel. @usmannasir