CyberPanel and CyberPanel Cloud

I guess I am just a little confused about this. I have a few servers running CyberPanel and a few running CyberPanel Enterprise for various reasons. I see this option that says connect and it brings me to CyberPanel Cloud. I signed up one of my servers but I am not really sure why? What is the benefit to using CyberPanel Cloud if I already have CyberPanel on my server? Also, it looks like CyberPanel Cloud has a monthly fee on top of what you would be paying for with LiteSpeed Enterprise with CyberPanel?

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What you pay for Litespeed Enterprise is for the license fees from litespeed. You also get direct support from Litespeed team for your enterprise license servers.

Coming to Cyberpanel Cloud, its just an additional management panel which has some automated tools to fix/reset/debug the functions. It also has wordpress manager. It also has high availability option which is like load balancer. It doesnt mean, you will require all these. Its for those who needs few automated tools to manage their cyberpanel setups all in a single management dashboard.

Apart from all these, you get direct support from cyberpanel team for your cyberpanel setups.

I hope the information is clear and if not, you can ask.

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