CyberPanel Addon Domain Update Delay Issue

Hello, my problem is a bit complex, but I need to use this structure. So, I’m asking for your help in solving this problem.

First of all, my CyberPanel version:

Current Version: 2.3
Build: 5Current Commit: fcd07468e7d121b19f68bcde5a64c1129c4c3958
Latest Version: 2.3
Latest Build: 5Latest Commit: 3ffbe1f55159d88bf6d28e3448b3a0853b1eb907

My problem is as follows:
I have a WordPress installed. And there’s a different addon domain set up pointing to the home_public directory where WordPress is installed.

For example:
a com (Primary domain)
example b com (Addon domain pointing to the same public_html directory, both a different domain and a subdomain)

When I make an update on the site, updates are reflected immediately on a com, but updates take over 72 hours to reflect on example b com, even though it points to the same site.

Both domains come through Cloudflare. The addon domain is set as an (b com) A record pointing to the IP address and proxied, while example b com is set as a CNAME record and proxied.

Things I’ve tried:
Clearing all LiteSpeed cache. Performing 4 restarts via CyberPanel. Deleting and re-adding the addon domain setting. Restarting the VDS server. Clearing the entire Cloudflare cache. Performing a graceful restart via the OpenLiteSpeed web panel. Converting the domain I set up for the addon domain in Cloudflare from a CNAME record to an A record. Disabling proxy. Setting TTL to 1 min. Deleting and re-adding. None of these solved my problem.

What else can I do? I didn’t want to give the site name for privacy reasons, but I believe I’ve explained all the steps I’ve taken in detail.