Cyberpanel:8090 Performance BOOST on a Ryzen 5950 Dedicated Server

i love cyberpanel!
I have a dedicated server with a killer CPU Ryzen5950x with lots of cores at 4.5ghz!

Is there a way to GIVE cyberpanel more resource so it can do everything FASTER when in the site:8090?

or is it limited just on single threading to do the work?

Just save your resources for sites. Once you get things setup you wont need to do much with panel.

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the point is, moving thru screens is slow when insite panel:8090 - is there a way to give it more power? can the litespeed cache that works so well on wordpress be used to improve the admin?

That isn’t the panel. Tune your webserver accordingly.

“Tune your webserver accordingly.”
Great - is there any documentation on that?
Ubutntu 20 with twin NVMe drives, 64GB ram and a AMD Ryzen5950x for hardware

what could I do to improve it??>

Absolutely! Visit the OpenLiteSpeed forums. Rather than scratching the surface here, go see a decade’s worth of valuable answers there regarding web server performance tuning. I am not being dismissive but trying to help you best. They just have a treasure trove of information and experts there that would be much better geared to helping you.

seems the confusion here is about what performance I am trying to improve.

specifically when I am in the panel admin: this is slow.

is it possible to get the cyberpanel admin faster?

litespeed, and all websites are superfast - no issues there.

That’s… interesting. What OS are you even running? Did you install CyberPanel on a clean install of your OS? Is your web environment running in a VM or on bare metal? Is your kernel running stable without any errors? What is your business use case for a high performance system? Are you offering compute in the cloud? Before you answer, consider this. Bear in mind that an AMD Ryzen 5000 series system is not supported by the older kernel used in CentOS 8/AlmaLinux/Rocky Linux and therefore requires running in a VM. Throwing high-end modern hardware at serving web content can be akin to a fool rushing in where angels dare not tread unless you know exactly what you are doing. There is a good reason why low-clock speed processors are often selected for serving simple web content while other more niche high-clock speed models are reserved for intensive compute tasks. And if my questions above don’t make sense, I would rethink all of what you are doing and consider first starting small before (I assume) collocating a high-end system in a data center.

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Server Runs Vanilla:
It is for serving WordPress sites only

again - the front end performance is not the focus.

its the backend of cyberpanel - navigating admin, adding deleting sites, phpmyadmin, file manager etc - these things.

Maybe your problem is Cyberpanel not yet support Ubuntu 22. For now try minimal 20.04.

He seems to be using ubuntu 20 itself as I could judge from his previous comments.

Mine backend admin area performs faster and I never felt it slow. Maybe he could try optimizing mysql and webserver tuning as per his server.

correction - the OS is ubuntu 20.04

Cyberpanel Build: 3
Current Commit:
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor is slow