Custom SSL suddenly not working, re-adding, but still not working


Today suddenly my Custom wildcard SSL not working.
I re-add the SSL, and said: has SSL from DigiCert Inc.

Your SSL will expire in 680 days.

But when checking at,
the SSL certificate seems not found and mismatch to the other domain in the same server.

Server Key and Certificate #1
Fingerprint SHA256: 0bae6a2cb3cb7682e8134ee3a692f9afde261f03b3636cee062dee00269a4157
Pin SHA256: wRtM0LNQTmwR5o7iHKbhDtsrt3fOMnaadF+Vb3sLqHY=
Common names
Alternative names MISMATCH

Please help.

Thank you.

A. Ermawan

I also create a discussion on Bug Report section, since I think it was a bug,
I’ve tried to change add SSL on my other domain, and it got the same error now, which is previously works great.

here is the bug report discussion: