Current OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.19 - New Release: 1.8.1

When I enter the openlitespeed configuration panel on port 7080 I receive the message CURRENT VERSION:
OpenLiteSpeed ​​1.7.19 New Release: 1.8.1

How to update?


Using the system package manager. For ubuntu

apt-get update openlitespeed

for redhat based

dnf update openlitespeed

apt-get upgrade openlitespeed

For ubuntu 20.04 I think the repo is out of date.

Installed: 1.7.19-2+focal
Candidate: 1.7.19-2+focal

Try to update the system packages first.


The command apt-get update openlitespeed return error: E: The update command takes no arguments

How can we do?

Thanks for youy reply.