CSS and JS Files Returns Error 403 Access Forbidden After Upgrade to 1.8.7

Salam n Hola

I’ve just upgraded my CyberPanel minimal installation to 1.8.7 from 1.8.5.
After upgrade, when I access CyberPanel, all CSS and JS files are not loading.
All CSS and JS are returning Error 403 Access Forbidden.

Any way to fix this?

CentOS 7


Did you clear browser cache or tried private window?

Or did you tried to re upgrade, it could be temporary permission issues and can be fixed by simple re upgrade.


I’ve done all that.
Tested on multiple browsers as well.
I’ve also ran the upgrade a few times too.

Same result.

This problem has been fixed. I raised a ticket and support went in to fix it. They say its a bug in the code.