CSF Blocking SMTP (Outlook & Wordpress)


Cyberpanel and emails were working perfectly fine, however as of today it seems CSF is blocking SMTP connection for both Outlook and Wordpress, Rainloop works just fine.

Reason I quote CSF is because as soon as I disable CSF the emails flow through again, can anyone help me to resolve this please.

Many thanks

You can add your IPs to csf whiltelist.

Or try to remove ips from temporary block list

csf -tf

More details here → Useful CSF SSH Command Line Commands (CSF Cheat Sheet) - HostDime Knowledge Base

Thank you for taking the time to reply, I reset and removed all entries from the block list, although I am still unable to connect via SMTP - Wordpress & Outlook.

[root@localhost ~]# csf -tf
csf: There are no temporary IP bans
csf: There are no temporary IP allows

Also I added the server IP to whitelist along with quic Cloud IPs but still no change ?

I do have Modesecurity and Spam Assassin activated also but as I mentioned issue goes when CSF is disabled.

Maybe I need to go to CSF forum ?

Thank again for your time :slight_smile:

Yes please check with CSF. Probably you have configured something wrong. QUIC Cloud will not alter your mail delivery or outlook set up.

Its pretty much a clean install nothing comes to mind that I may have changed.

I wasn’t sure about the QC IPs, only because it changes the website IP.

Many thanks again… Have a good evening :slight_smile:

Just disabled CSF rebooted server, re-enabled CSF and emails are working once more!

Strange but true haha…

Many thanks again.

Take care