CSF acting up

This morning I tried to SSH my server and could not connect same with try login to cyberpanel. I went DO recovery console and tried white list my IP from there no any effect then I disabled CSF from there and gained access.
Then from cyberpanel I check there was no my IP block on CSF and I added my IP on whitelist then enabled CSF and again I’m blocked! Next I disabled CSF again from recovery console and went cyberpanel and removed CSF and then re-install it now I’m again blocked and recovery console say there is not even CSF installed when try disable it… anybody have had this kind problem before and what I can do??
I just launched new droplet to make fresh install but if any ideas how fix?

I re-installed CSF from SSH and got it working but still no any clue what happened… I did not do any changes on CSF settings since initial set up to ad custom SSH and panel port and it was working fine before. Can app get some how corrupted?

This happens when the custom port numbers are not entered in the whitelisted port sections of your firewall (be it csf, firewalld or any firewall program installed).

Before changing the port numbers, do add them in the firewall whitelist or else you will be locked out.

I had added ports on CSF and panel was running 3 months without any changes made.
It just startedacting up… I managed re-install from SSH and it some how started working, after re-install when tried restarting CSF from panel it’s just froze I just ended making new server everything works fine now.

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