Cronjob runs every minute creating a file

When cronJob run, It creates a lot of file in the root folder, see in the image

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Start by finsing out if you have several instances of daemon running

ps -A | grep crond

Next it would be wise to reduce the time intervals to run it. It seems it runs every minute.

I would assume you have a sink for the command being executed by crond e.g.

* *    * * *   root /usr/bin/wget -O - >> /home/

this part dumps any errors or output to a file accessible at documentroot

>> /home/

All cronjobs are here /var/spool/cron/crontabs you can always view your conrjobs by running crontab -l

Therefore you need to check the script executed make sure its execution ends cause it seems it might be looping.

Could you please help me to write the full command? As I haven’t good knowledge about it.

Post your cronjob here (copy paste) do not screenshot


Please help me.

Can you run this command on ssh terminal or vnc and post result here

$ wget -vc --progress=bar:force 

I donot know about "ssh terminal or vnc " I just want run cronJob

If you dont run in the terminal how will you know it runs effectively ?

What does the cronjob do ? What is ? Post the code here if possible

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