Cron not working , its remove everythings inside the php file

I have cyberpanel version 2.3 Build: 2 on ubuntu 20.04
the Cron not working . it clear the content inside of php file of my cron folder

This is my cron settings

Is it correct?

Have you checked if:

  • That file belongs to the user of the website?
  • Cron is enabled and running?

If you’re on rhel/alma/rocky run this:

systemctl enable --now crond

If you’re on ubuntu run this:

systemctl enable --now cron
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OR systemctl status cron.service

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There is only one website in cyberpanel and its the admin user
Yes , the cron is enable I think

This is the report:


I update the cyberpanel last night and after reboot , I add the cron lite I said before
after 5minutes I cheeked the cron folder in host and the php file was nulled !
What should I do for thet?

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