Creating website on hostinger vps error domain blacklisted

Hi guy’s, i am pretty new to vps hosting and i was trying to create my website on hostinger cyberpanel and the domain was bought from them yesterday. Upon clicking create website i got the error domain blacklisted.
I already saw the video explaining how to fix it but i am also new to linux OS so i am a little bit lost on how to proceed with the upgrade, like how do i log into centos command line from cyberpanel?
Also my last question is should i change centos OS to ubuntu 20.4 since many mention that centos will not get maintain as much as ubuntu 20.4 and if so, please can someone help me on installing cyberpanel on ubuntu 20.4?
Thank you very much for any help

First, use Ubuntu 20.04 instead of Centos that goos and check this article to update.
02 - Upgrading CyberPanel

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Sorry for late reply but my sister went to hospital and i will return to this thread soon.
Thank for the link i will watch later.