Creating DNS zone for second level domain using cli doesn't work

Hi, I’m unable to create new DNS zone for website that isn’t tld when using cli, it works only when created in browser. I don’t get any errors, it’s just doesn’t work.
Adding websites and DNS records works in cli but I have to create zone using panel.
Any ideas how to debug it or make it work?

cyberpanel createDNSZone --owner tester --domainName

cyberpanel createDNSZone --owner admin --domainName

you followed the format correctly? are you sure you created user before use this command ?

also, please try create it using browser then use this command to delete it

cyberpanel deleteDNSZone --domainName

and tell us if it word … waiting you

Thank you for replying.
I’ve created user tester and then ran (it worked):

cyberpanel createWebsite --package Default --owner tester --domainName --email --php 8.0

Then (it didn’t work):

cyberpanel createDNSZone --owner tester --domainName

I can delete zone created in panel using cli but can’t create it using cli.

may be this need report to @usmannasir

Should I write to him? I don’t see option to do that. I’ve added it also to bug report.
Could you maybe check if this problem exist on your server?