Creating a website stuck on Starting creation

please help me it’s very urgent

Welcome @Kevin-mad-guy Happy New Year

How much memory do you have? Post the result of

echo $(($(getconf _PHYS_PAGES) * $(getconf PAGE_SIZE) / (1024 * 1024)))

I have 2gb of ram 20gb SSD CentOS o7

Is this a new installation ?

yes I recently installed it I
I want to create a website but it takes forever to create

let me try Ubuntu 22.04

I would highly recommend ubuntu 20.04 x64bit

after carefully following your instructions it’s still the same thing

You installed ubuntu 20.04 ?


I carefully followed your instructions
Maybe let me just go and use normal shared hosting

The provider or the current copy of cyberpanel is not the issue. We have setup servers on contabo just this week with cyberpanel on the same os. There is something you are not doing right.

could you please enlightenment me sir I just followed all the instructions
and also watched it on YouTube

After you click Create Website, the screen hangs in this step. :thinking:

I see you’re trying on your cell phone.

just out of curiosity, have you been on the website list and saw if the site is not there?

I’ve had cases where this creation screen crashed too, but at the end of it was completed in normal backend. The problem may be with scaling. Just a theory based on previous experiences, try there and after about 10 minutes goes on the websites menu, website list and see if it is not there. :slight_smile:

After reinstalling cyberpanel afresh the feature of creating a website had no issue

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I really appreciate you for your time and effort that you spent to do this for me
this one that you created for me is enough.

But am beginning to think that the fault is from my laptop and device
because am trying to create a website now but it’s still stocks in creating website

thank you so much for the one that you created for me I used it to run my mautic email marketing application

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