createWebsite : Server Error (500)

I got this error in crating website
what is wrong?

Hello @av_admin Happy you are here

  1. Try an upgrade maybe something is corrupted
  2. Check mariadb service is running
  3. Reboot the server and try again
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I did
againg error 500 apear
maria db is runing

Run service mysqld restart

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I assumed you fixed your client for issues. If not clear browser cache/cookies and try again.

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I did but it wont work and give me 500 error
I think the cyberpanel work with api to and if for any reason it couldent cominicate with the master server , it will stop working , am I right?

To create a website? No To perform an upgrade? Yes

Your installation must have an issue. Can you enable debugging of admin panel i.e.

nano /usr/local/CyberCP/CyberCP/

find DEBUG = False and change it to DEBUG = True and then do systemctl restart lscpd

And then redo what you are doing and you will get the reason for 500 Error.

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I cheek my cyberpanel with another internet , another computer and it dos not show me the error I toold you
also I did your last comment too.
now there is no problem here

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