Create S3 backup without buy plan on cyberpanel

hi all
can we connect to S3 bucket without buy plan on cyberpanel

so the problem is i try to connect from panel and got this message

Error - Either you dont have privileges to access this page or your plan does not cover this feature. If this is a mistake kindly contact our support.

can we process it manually not from cyberpanel feature

Look Incremental Backup section on cyberpanel from there you can connect free.

yeah finnally i use that because S3 cant use if we not buy their plan :frowning:

s3 from the platform is a paid feature for that you need a plan.

Is s3 from incremental section disabled? If so that’s really bad to do it with out informing users who using it.
I have all my and customers sites using it so probably have check are those still working…

Just checked incremental backups works free with S3…
@shoaibkk as admin you should know better and not telling it’s paid feature only.
It’s paid on WordPress manager and I understand you want sell more paid features. But as support admin you should not fail mention there is free option.
You made me freak out that all my stuff have stopped backup and need config alternative solution all servers.

Please if you drop out some critical free features give heads up couple months before.

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