Create DNS nameserver


I’m really new to cyberpanel (1.8.9) and I’m trying to configure the dns name server using this guide:

I managed to create the nameserver and got the message confirming that the nameservers have been created successfully… However when I tried to confirm it by going to DNS > Add/Delete Records, I don’t see any domain that i can select and no records were present.

What am I doing wrong?

thanks for your help …
p.s I’m in love with cyberpanel …


i think this is a bug


Can you mention your CyberPanel version?

Your currently logged in user is the owner of the website? What happens if you log-in as admin and access Add/Delete records.

As mentionned in my post, i used 1.8.9 and i’m logged in as admin…


i think this is a bug


i think this is a bug

If this is a bug, how do people set configure their cyberpanel to manage the dna nameserver?

there is not way to create default nameserver in cyberpanel.

everytime you add a domain it add the domain dns not valid ones so is a manual job to edit every domain zone.

this is something that cyberpanel need to fix.

@macuto Yes. Default name server option required for better DNS support.

There was a bug in zone listing, if this domain is not created as website it will not show up in Add/Delete records.

However fixed with this commit → bug fix in zone listing · usmannasir/cyberpanel@afdbc36 · GitHub

Will come in v1.9.0, for now you can create this domain as website it will then appear in the list.

PS: On back end NS are created, they were just not showing in the list.


Thank you