Create demo Website on Different Server

question to all cyber panel experts, I have a primary domain with the cyber panel, but now I want to create subdomains for displaying some sample websites that I’m going to design to show customers my work, but I want to host the demo websites on a separate server in digital ocean. how can I do that, can someone explain me please, thank you for taking the time to replay, in short words |||| main domain in one digital ocean droplet using Cyberpanel and all my demo sites on another digital ocean droplet ass subdomains.

Just point that subdomain IP to that other server.

Yes, thank you for your replay, I do understand that but do I have to use cyberpanel to get that done on the other server, how to configure the droplet name and how to set up cyberpanel on it meaning the settings

manage dns with cloudflare add any domian in any server with no issue

i had cloudflare before i had way to many issues in my case, i deal with something custom, on another server and cloudflare was causing me to many problems on the custom app