Create Back up File Path incorrect.

Hello Team,

I created Back up, the file will be storage at backup (/home/ location and named backup-abc-07-12-44-Mon-Nov-2018.tar.gz.

When I pressed right click and Download the .tar.gz, the url will be going to 404 Not Found (

May I know will it fix on the next version?

Thanks =)

Backup directory is outside document root of your website, and thus not accessible via URL. Since backups contain important data such as databases (it is not practical to place them in the document root).

However, after creating a backup, you can move your backups from backup to public_html.

actually i want to ask about it. How can restore backups? need to copy in public_html?

Hello usmannasir,

Thank you for your reply and support. But I don’t know why I can’t move the backup file =(

List of files/folders

Move to

And then I press the Move button, the right hand side note me Successfully Moved!

And then I go to /home/

Refresh… refresh and refresh it. No any moved action and the backup-abc-11-10-57-Mon-Nov-2018.tar.gz file is still on /home/ location.


Use command line for files that are outside document root.