Create a website does not work

creating a website keep loading without error message and it can load for many hours ,
what can i do to fix this

Hello @tomtom555 Happy you are here

Do you have any errors in main error log?

Did you try to upgrade your copy

sh <(curl || wget -O -

this is the main log file.
as for update: i just install this cyberpanel today and i selected the letest version during installation, should i run the upgrade command again?

Did you create a website for a domain localhost?

yes exactly

Add a proper domain for your website and try again it should work FREE domain names

I’m not hosting a website, so i dont need a domain, i just want to use the cyberpanel to manage my python bot, like database and others.

Is they anyhow i can create a website on the cyberpanell without adding a proper domain?
i also observed that i cannot connect to the database that i created on the localhost domain on a remote machine no mater how i try to edit settings.

could using the localhost domain the reason why a remote computer cannot connect to the database?

Honestly if you just using this for a bot and you dont need dns services, you do not need any panel for this. Why dont you run this on a clean server with only the necessary technologies to run the python bot. Install mariadb, python and setup your app. Add phpmyadmin or simply adminer with 2fa/otp for extra security. Add an IPS, a WAF etc.

This is not really an answer related to cyberpanel just my 2 cents

I’m using hosting VPS ubuntu20.4 and my server has the domain
can the domain be use?

Yes ofcourse kindly use it you should not expect any errors

i still need cyber panel because i want to move my website to it in the future and i want to manage my database on phpmyadmin

I used it and it works find, thank you so much.

but i still cannot connect to my databse using a remote computer

Let’s follow the conversation here Cannot connect to database on a remote machine

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