CPU Usage allways at 99%


My webstite has been supsended/limited severall times due to overuse of ressources…
I try to understand where the problem come from.

I see that the usage of my cpu is always at 99% but when I check “top” command with ssh I only see process with 33%.

Is the output normal or is it too high, is there any solution to find precisely which part requires too much cpu ?

Here is my top command output :slight_smile:

Thanks for help !

Precision : I use incremental backup.

I also had the same problem, a user commented that they were mining but I don’t know if it was true, so I installed another hestiacp panel and everything is going great, because I never found the error,

This is definitely not normal, especially considering it’s showing such high use across numerous python processes. It’s impossible to determine exactly what’s going on just from your screenshot alone, but it’s almost certainly not cyberpanel doing it.

Best way to determine would be to go and look through your server logs (make sure you have it set to do some verbose logging) and then do a bit of backdating to look at the time around when those processes started running to see what happened on your server to start that process running.

See what happens when you kill those processes, if they start back up or not, etc.


Thanks for this answer !

  • I don’t know exactly when this started, I guess it started when I set schedule for backup or maybe when I set a mailbox test@ (I think this adress has been hacked because it received tons of spam).
  • How can I determine which is the new processes that appaeared at the time when server started to reached 99% ?
  • One thing that I don’t understand, is that in the screen shot I have 6 times 33% which is over 100% !? How is it possible ?
  • When I look in top processes in cyberpanel, I don’t have anything over 10%…this doesn’t seem to match with the result of “top” command ?

Sorry for the late answer.
Thanks for help !