cpu Resource limit without buying cloudlinux

Is there any way I can split the resource of my server between several websites Manually?
and stop one website to take all the resources.

I was researching the same thing today. What I found out:

You can limit resources per website as long as you have either the Enterprise Edition through the Containerization menu, or CloudLinux through its LVE Manager. Depending on the number of websites you host one might be cheaper than the other, note though that CloudLinux offers much more than LVE Manager, thus provides more value than LiteSpeed Enterprise if you don’t also need Magento Caching (which imho is its main selling point).

Update: If you can live with manually editing the config files you can use Centos cgroups without any paid license/service.

Guide: Creating cgroups in RHEL/CentOS 7 – Alex Pierrot

All the above only work on Centos, If you run on Ubuntu you’ll need to migrate.

If you go with the free/manual method keep in mind that you might need to tweak the yum respositories in order to install libcgroup-tools as CyberPanel uses its own repos for most things and lacking an enterprise license might raise an error.

Lastly, I haven’t tested any of the above and I’d discourage anyone from trying something like this on a production server.

P.S. Please reply here with your results.

Thanks for great reply.