CPU and RAM for 50 sites

Hi Guys, with Cyberpanel, how many CPU Cores and RAM for 50 websites with WordPress would be best?

Hello, how many visitors per day to the websites? Or are they all new websites?

depend or the CMS
http request
visitor number

but avg 50 website with wordpress if they run 50% at same time you will need ram dedicated 8 GB procesor at least 3-4 core

if you use vps with pay as you go
you can increate the ram until 4GB
then procesor 4core
then run HTOP
and see the progress
or you can install the analizer script manually. to get min-by-min hour-by-hour resources needed

after 4GB Ram and 4 core if still not enough
then try increate to 6GB ram or 8 GB RAM with 4 core

i think that will enough
if not… you should see the statistic
your client more need CPU or RAM

some shared hosting selling 1GB ram (VRAM actually)
and i try it… the result
Wordpress+Tagdiv Newspaper + 10 visitor in same time (cpanel)= LAG… 500 not respond… server busy
but now i run VPS 1 GB ram and 1core cpu
2 wordpress site + Tagdiv + visitor (sum) 10 = Enough (via cluodflare and use OLS+Cyberpanel+Litespeed plugin+WP Optimizer)

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Thank you.

I run niche sites, 50% are over 1 year and has more or less 50-100 visitors per month. 25% of the sites has 100-2000 visitors per month

only comparing it with CPU core number wont help you as there are different CPU models installed. The more the latest CPU model, better the performance it will be with less cores too.

If trying AWS, Upcloud, Digital Ocean then even 1CPU 1GB Ram would make it enough for your site requirements currently. You can scale up whenever there is need.

using Oracle