Cpanel restore script failed to create databases from backup file

Hi, I am having issue restoring the cpanel backup file with the auto restore script.

I created a new VPS with Ubuntu 18 and installed cyberpanel.
I created the folder /home/backup
wget the backup file from cpanel in it
and run the restore script

at the end I got this error message

Failed to restore databases from file /home/backup/backup-6.27.2020_17-51-45_kpegmar.tar.gz, error message: list index out of range.

I checked the websites page on cyberpanel, the website is restored but when I check the database to the website there is no database to see.

What can I do?

I created a ticket, can someone look into that issue please. Ticket #DA9B2I

Is there nobody who can help me out in this?

I get that error when I’m trying to sync a clone to a master. Any clues?

Hello, i have the same issue, new server instalation.

Its Cyberpanel dead ?
In 10 days i founded plenty bugs

No, its not dead and working pretty perfect for majority.

Please share your issues in a seperate topic and we shall guide you.