Could not configure smtp server

Please someone to help me with configuring my SMTP settings on my web server. Please someone to help me, i wil grant login details for my server, because i am playing 2 weeks now and no result. I could not renew my SSL and my POP3 and SMTP are not working. Also i could not connect my websites e-mail with Gmail. I dont have any nerves to search for theproblem, so please someone with skills to enter and fix it. Thanks in advance!

Where you manage your DNS cyberpanel or somewhere else, can you send mail any mailbox and have you asked your host open port 25?
I could see your cyberpanel but issue sounds like DNS settings or port 25 not open those cant do from panel.

Thank you my friend that you are willing to help me. I host my Cyberpanel on private VPS server. There i have DNS manager and there are all added A, CNAME, TXT, MX records. I am willing to give you my credentials if you want to check what is happening. Also port 25 is opened from last year allready. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Screen shot your DNS records here.

Dreamer, please write me your viber, whats app, skype or other chat program to be able to connect each other more easily, i will share screen with you in teamviewer so you can see what are the settings.