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when i use CPanel. sometimes i just copy the folder email as then backup it to my local computer
and when i need the backup i just upload the eml file… and create new folder (eg. .old-email )
so when i open webmail (roundcube) it will display inbox draft sent etc etc include 1 new folder called “.old-email”
actually i just copy and reupload the eml files

so… now i have some question

  1. can i do copy the folder (cpanel) then paste it to Cyberpanel ? and view the email at rainloop ?
    2.can i do this at cyberpanel ?(copy the email cyberpanel folder to my local. then when i need it i just reupload the folder?)

I guess you should try it on a test server and see how it all goes. Do share the results too.

yeah i will do that

but perhaps anyone here already have the result and answer ? so i can compare it with my test result…

btw where is user mail folder @cyberpanel ?

It’s probably in /home/vmail

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i found it

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