Considering Cyberpanel - questions on Cloudflare and letsencrypt

I haven’t sold web hosting in ages, but I’m about to start up again. I like what I see here, but I have a couple of questions:

  1. I love the idea of Cloudflare integration. Can this be configured to apply to all new accounts - let’s say a new user account/domain is created, will the new zones be created in Cloudflare? If so, is it fair to say that Cloudflare’s DNS is your secondary DNS so a second machine just to handle redundancy isn’t necessary?

  2. When that new domain is created it looks like LetsEncrypt is queried to install a SSL cert, which is great. Unless Cloudflare integration is set up so there’s a minute delay for new DNS records to sync on Cloudflare’s system, causing the SSL issuance to fail. I guess this could work if the Cyperpanel server was listed with the registrar as the first nameserver and Cloudflare was second, but I worry.

Does Cloudflare work as a secondary DNS for all domains on the host, and if so does it break SSL issuance? Or is this a feature for individual users to turn on themselves? Or am I not understanding the function?