Confused on the default NS setup

ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ
I’ve been using other cp for ages and now trying cyberpanel.
Trying to setup the default NS server to and and also set the current server dns mode as master with slave dns to and

I am confused when adding new website or domain, I found that ns record pointing to and which is powerdns mode setup, not to default NS server.

did you have same experience as me? and yes I can change it manually but yeah seriously is not the correct way.
also is there any option to change global DNS record template for new website or domain?
Thank you!

Hello @zaku

You should follow the steps here from the beginning

Setup the default nameservers only if you registered private nameservers - How to register private name servers with Namecheap or Godaddy! |

Just use cloudflare or some other DNS much faster than hosting your own.

seriously, I am ages at this, of course I’ve done that.
that’s not what I’m asking

What are you trying to achieve here? Did you change any values here

of course cloudflare is good, but it’s basic feature offered by cyberpanel which is important to me, I report this issue to support cyberpanel for better user experince

yes, as you can see in the pic, I’ve done setup master slave dns mode and it’s work.
the only issue is when you add new website/domain and cyberpanel generate dns zone automatically, and automatic ns records is not correct, it’s point to slave ns, in my case ns2 and ns3.
not from default ns records (ns1 and ns2).
I change it manually to ns1 and ns2 on the dns zone record.