Configure mail server and DNS aside traefik/ proxy manager

I have a domain name eg: domainname. org pointing to yyy.zzz IP address of my home server.

now I want to configure a mail server on VPS using the mail.domainname. org to the IP address of the VPS aaa.bbb. ccc.ddd

As we know, if we create a mail server using the “Create Website” menu, then all the IPs for both website and mail server point to the IP of the VPS. In my case that does not work as my webserver for domainname. org is pointing to the other server where I have proxy manager.

I need your suggestion to configure necessary settings on my DNS for a working mail server.

Go to the domain registrar (where your DNS is being managed) and add the required MX, TXT, SPF records point to the IP of your VPS.

Delete the MX and other records from Cyberpanel DNS. You can leave the A and CNAME records pointing to your website providing it’s pointing to the IP where the web site is.

Go to and enter your domain name, and it will help you get the DNS settings correct. When you say proxy manager, if that is Cloudflare, then you could easily let Cloudflare manage your DNS to give you another layer of security. @usmannasir has made a quick video on it.

If you want to dm the domain to me, I would be happy to look at it.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I can receive email from Gmail or other services but I cannot send email.

My domain is and mail domain is

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Your set up looks good. Are you using Cloudflare’s email? It has very high deliverability rate.
You may also want to try Sendinblue’s free SMTP service.

Yes. I used both but thought to have an independent SMTP server. Maybe I should go back to cloudflare/ sendinblue.


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That’s because your SMTP (ougoing mail) is not authenticated. If you were using Sendinblue and Cloudflare for the your DNS, then I would go back to that.

Although I am having great success using Cyberpanel’s DNS for the MX, DKIM, DMARC and SPF records and Cloudflare for the rest of the DNS records.

As for Wordpress, I use SMTP mail plugin, because the devs are available to chat to if you need some help. DM me if you need more help.