Completely uninstall MailScanner

Hello, how can I completely uninstall MailScanner from my CyberPanel?

Hi Vittor

did you find a solution to this

since using mail scanner / mailwatch we can’t forward emails

we just get them in mail queue

Same question… mail forward is a key feature i need.

hi has anyone managed to fix this problem?

i installed this on my cyberpanel server. now i have no email. what a disaster for a paid server

also in regards to mail queue, I had the same issue as upgrade script misidentified my ubuntu as bionic. Check apt/sources.d/dovecot.list to see if dovecot is on correct version.
After correcting that I’ve run, restored postfix and dovecot config from when it was working, then renamed mailscanner DB via PHPmyAdmin and run, issued mail server SSL under, all working fine.
I can’t get Pyzor to work for some reason.