Community Generated CyberPanel Themes


I have been using true-dark-theme or i-dark-theme since I had eye surgery.

While I appreciate the effort you put into your theme, for me the sidebar mouseover is difficult to see which option is active, so I cannot use it. I am not a CSS guru, so I dont know how to ge this effect.


If you can give me the code to add, I would be happy to use it.

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I updated the repo.


I can see the position of the sidebar now. Thank you @vjranga


need feedback for this. i added rounded corners and minor update.

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Looks good to me. I think side menu can be improved further.

thanks for the effort though


All the themes are great and very useful, thank you very much for your contributions. One query: I have tried them all and I notice that when I land on a non-privileged user page it reverts to the default style. Is it my mistake or is that how it works?

Here is my contribution. I have used the Cloudflare Theme, modified it a bit and added new icons.

You can find it on my Github.

It includes a layered .psd file for editing the icons.


@usmannasir Could we have more themes added to the design list, like the theme over?

Icons can create conflicts

Added this theme.

It look like the same theme just color are change. Can we do something where we can change interface?

How can we change theme default logo in free version? Because in free version we don’t have access to root file manager.