Common context in default vhost

Hi Admin,
Thank you for the creating and maintaining the open source webpanel project.
Can you please add context in default vhost file that blocks .git directory?
Most of the site owner’s forget to add htaccess rewrite for blocking .git hence their site repo exposed and downloaded by hackers. some times .htacess code reverted due to updates/changes.

Please add below context in vhost template. also you can ask the community to other common context like this.
context /.git {
type NULL
location $VH_ROOT/public_html/.git
allowBrowse 0
addDefaultCharset off

You can add this as a feature request and soon this will be checked

Hi Soaib
I am new here, How to add this as a feature request?

Hello @Tanya

You can add one here Issues · usmannasir/cyberpanel · GitHub

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