Codeigniter and Cyberpanel SMTP issue?


I installed a Codeigniter version 3.1.11 script on cyberpanel. While everything is working fine, smtp does not work when I use Cyberpanel’s smtp build. When I enter the smtp information of an e-mail address I created in cPanel in the smtp section of this script that I have installed on Cyberpanel, it works without any problems. I think the problem is between cyberpanel and codeigniter but I don’t know what. Is there anyone who can help with this?

Note: I did not have a problem with smtp in other scripts. This only happens in codeigniter scripts.


check this guide How to Build Free SMTP Server with CyberPanel in 5 Minutes - YouTube

Is there any other way to do this without using cloudflare? Also do I start cloudflare for each site?

You can use this guide for any DNS manager the procedure remains 100% same. Just their interface will be slightly different.