CloudFlare API Error

I’m trying to configure DNS from cyberpanel to cloudflare but I get an error …

I configured the following according to the tutorial on the official cyberpanel site:

CloudFlare Email (I added the email address from cloudlare)
API Token: according to the tutorial: Global API Key

I validated the DNS to be synchronized in the clouflare

when selecting a domain I receive this error:

“Cannot fetch records. Error message:module ‘CloudFlare’ has no attribute ‘CloudFlareAPIError’”

What is wrong ?

I mention that I use Cyberpanel with LiteSpeed Enterprise the latest version installed recently “2.1.2”
os : AlmaLinux
kernel : KVM Proxmox

Its a cloudflare side API error it seems as I had similar issue which was solved by cloudflare support team. Please mail cloudflare regarding this API issue with screenshot of the error and all details they require to debug the issue.

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