CloudFlare 524 Error

I am currently experiencing very slow website speed and timeout error 524 on my WordPress website hosted on a Contabo VDS S Server with the following configuration:

  • $57.99 / month
  • 3 Physical Cores
  • AMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz
  • 24 GB RAM
  • 180 GB NVMe (with more storage available)
  • 250 Mbit/s Port
  • 32 TB Traffic*

I have installed OpenLiteSpeed server and set up WordPress websites on it, and my DNS is managed on Cloudflare. However, despite these measures, my website is still loading slowly and giving me time-out errors of 524.

I would appreciate any insights from the community as to why this could be happening and any potential solutions to this issue. Thank you in advance for your help

Try setup Litespeed cache plugin and use better VPS provider like Vultr, Digitalocean or if want cheap then Hetzner will do.

See this A timeout occurred: Error code 524 - #2 by josephgodwinke

What if we manage our DNS records from Cyberpanel. How can i do that ? do you have any guide to achieve this ?

Update your http response time to less than 100, cloudflare default, if above, then returns 524. :slight_smile:

Either way this is a very long response time and it sure is wrong, review your settings. :slight_smile:

The 524 error is been caused by long-running processes on your CyberPanel server. You need to use htop to view what is using alot of memory or CPU if this - A timeout occurred: Error code 524 - #2 by josephgodwinke has not worked for you.

$ sudo yum install htop || sudo apt install htop || sudo dnf install htop

i am using sudo