Choosing the right Hostname in CyberPanel Setup Wizard for Ubuntu 22 VPS

Dear CyberPanel Community,

I am in the process of setting up CyberPanel on a new Ubuntu 22 VPS and have a question about the “hostname” field within the “Setup Wizard/Onboarding” process.

My domain is “” and I’m considering the following options for this field:


I want to avoid any potential conflicts with email delivery, other services, or CyberPanel functionality due to the hostname choice. Could you please advise on the most suitable option (should I go with #1, #2 or #3 option?) for HOSTNAME field in “Setup Wizard” and explain how it might impact different aspects of the server’s operation?

What is the best practice to name the hostname when installing CyberPanel? I already saw THIS article and watched multiple Youtube videos and everyone sets hostname differently each time. So looks like there’s no common rule how to do this right. That’s why I wanted to confirm this here on the CyberPanel official forum, directly this question.

Thank you for clarifying this important step in the configuration process!