Choosing an Alternative Operating System for CyberPanel: CentOS 7 Replacement

Hello forum members,

I wanted to seek your insights and advice regarding the selection of an alternative operating system as a replacement for CentOS 7 in the context of using CyberPanel’s new Apache reverse proxy feature. As you may already know, CyberPanel recently introduced this functionality, which offers advanced web server configurations and improved performance.

Unfortunately, the Apache reverse proxy feature is currently incompatible with CentOS 7. However, it is compatible with Ubuntu and AlmaLinux. Given this limitation, I am in the process of building a new server and would appreciate your recommendations on the most suitable operating system to choose as a replacement for CentOS 7.

I am particularly interested in hearing about your experiences and recommendations for an alternative operating system that works well with CyberPanel’s Apache reverse proxy feature. Factors such as stability, performance, package availability, and ease of administration are important considerations for me.

Your valuable insights and suggestions would greatly help in making an informed decision. Please feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and any relevant tips on this topic.

Thank you all for your contributions and support!