[chitchat] who is here already use cyberpanel for commercial hosting?


who is in here already publish cyberpanel as a commercial hosting panel with 15 client in one server/vps

I think a lot of users we see using more then your ask but no one will reply here may be

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yeah maybe, i was wondering the OLS admin setup and client area…
and their vps specs actually

by the way
why those people never ask a bug or trouble here
are they fix everything by themselves ?

People using Cyberpanel for commercial usage will know their stuff better and they know how to fix things up for them. They also will have their own in-house developers to fix things for them. As this project is open-source where you have the source code available in github, people can fork it and change the system as according to their likes for their particular installation.

very reasonable…
and that mean middle up hosting company… not for low hosting company… because it will cost more that they use cpanel and/or other panel

actually why i ask that ? my search about hosting company that use cyberpanel, they not worried about the glitch that some people and me here “faced-out” and they use cyberpanel since v.1x

I didnt face any functional glitch over my last few years usage. There maybe few glitches but functional glitches were not there. Functional here I mean to say is we can host websites without issues. Rest, additional features or functions may or may not have issues but thats a secondary part for any website owners.

I have used many other panels apart from Cyberpanel and after using many panels I felt cyberpanel to be much better for its speed and facilities. There is no good alternative free panel is available with litespeed and Openlitespeed support. Free panels which support Openlitespeed isnt that great in terms of speed.

thats why i still here :slight_smile:

We use CyberPanel with LSWS commercially.

Our infrastructure is set up to not host hundreds of clients on any one server because we don’t think it is very performant or overly secure, but we definitely have servers with a lot more than 15 accounts on them.

CyberPanel is stable and a lot of the bugs and issues that I see on here are very often not down to the panel itself. It’s also, as someone above pointed out, open source software which is something we are very passionate about and gives us the ability to make whatever tweaks and changes we need to get it to fit our use cases.

For us it is not a permanent solution, but that is because we will be launching our own open source control panel project in the next few months which is a multi-server setup because we want to reduce the overheads and the support and admin hassles of having a separate control panel installed on each server, and because there are things that we want that will never be in CP and features that are that we don’t use.

If you are running servers using OLS or LSWS and need a multi-user control panel, then at the moment I think CyberPanel is by far the best option. It works and it does what it should, updates used to be a bit buggy but are not anymore and it does well in security audits.


if im not wrong you are at cwp forum too right ? i was there… my nickname digdug or something like that :slight_smile: now i stick with cyberpanel and still figure out how to migrate my client from cwp :frowning: not much… cause im not open public/commercial hosting yet…

and thank you for your comment… i really appreciate it

It’s possible that I opened a forum account there once to ask something but I’m not so sure.

We ruled out CWP as a control panel solution for various reasons a long time ago, one of the biggest ones was that it is not open source.

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yeah about 8 month ?

btw… thank you for all your info…