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Hey Guys,

New to all this so please be gentle, I’m trying to create a child domain but it won’t connect i get the following error.

This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.

Do I need to assign another ip address? if so how do i do this? doesn’t cyberpanel just use the same ip as my main domain?

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This is an issue with DNS cache on your client.

If you are using Google Chrome Go to Chrome://net-internals/#dns and clear host cache

Secondly flush your dns cache

Lastly the most likely issue is you have not setup an A record for on freenom. Do that and you will see the changes reflected as expected

Hi Thanks for your reply, I think ive done everything correctly, do i need to change any dns settings in cyberpanel, as the child domain is still not resolving.

Post DNS Zone and records for on CyberPanel


A and CNAME records only

Go to webadmin console https://SERVER_URL:7080/index.php#view/confMgr.php?m=vh and check if is on the list of virtual hosts.

Do you have a website or domain for ?

thank you for your prompt reply, I do have a website for set up on cyberpanel when i browse to the above url i get a lightspeed login box but i can’t login, ive tried the same credentials as used on cyberpanel.

Run the commands:

cd /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc


# add the password you want and remember the username you write if you do nor prefer admin

thank you logged in, this is what i see in virtual hosts.


User was supported through teamviewer.

The user had not created DNS records for the child domain that is why the child domain could not be reached when visited.

To create a child domain the admin user must create the responsing DNS record on the DNS Manager of where the domain was purchased. In this case the domain was registered and dns managed on

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Thank you So Much for your time and help Joseph.

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