Changing to Apache as Reverse Proxy is causing error

I encountered an error on the Apache Manager Page where it indicates that a string should be concatenated with another string, rather than a “NoneType”. Consequently, the website is displaying a 500 internal server error. Can you provide guidance on resolving this issue?

Thank you in advance.

Edit: I managed to find out what the problem was: Cyberpanel allowed me to try changing OLS reverse proxy to Apache without warning me that Apache is a paid module. I figured this out by updating Cyberpanel and accessing the Apache Manager again. This time, pricing cards showed up.

I solved the error 500 problem by deleting my website and creating another instance of with, with the backup data.

same here , I have the same situation as you

Hello, @nghiapt. Although it may not be the ideal solution, backing up my website, deleting it and creating it again (restoring its file system and database), solved the problem. I was worried about the SEO impact of my server being down for too long, so I took the easy way out :grin:

Has anyone found a way to resolve this without deleting and re-creating a website from backup? Surely there’s a way to revert back to Open Litespeed in situations where Apache as a reverse proxy was initiated by mistake like this?

OK – so I somehow got Apache as a reverse proxy enabled for a particular website, but because I didn’t have the paid add-on I was unable to access apache manager to switch back to OpenLitespeed, and because the site was using Apache, I couldn’t configure PHP or manage extensions which was impacting the performance of the site.

Workaround was to sign up for the free 7day trial for all cyberpanel add-ons, which enabled the Apache Manager and allowed the switch back to Pure Openlitespeed.

Could I suggest that the admins consider adding an option in the Cyberpanel back end to switch back to Pure Openlitespeed if Apache as a Reverse Proxy has been accidentally enabled without having to jump through these hoops.