Changing the limit in the package

When everything went wrong and you were not ready for it. In general, there is a fairly voluminous site. We added a website, database, set it up, started traffic and quietly rejoiced. A store on an open card with 700K goods on a 2x dolor server, but … I thought it wouldn’t hurt to increase the limit, because I cache the site in parallel with the module. And then I found a 305 answer, too many redirects. I started to get nervous, I installed a bunch of panels, it would seem that I found the one that suits me, and then such. Come on, I think we’ll fix everything now, add a new package, add new limits, add a base to it, oops error (in the right corner) without details, 0 and that’s it! Continued below…

I installed a server in parallel, installed a panel on a clean centos 8, added a website, add the base again, an error, I’m already starting to freak out, I didn’t sleep for 2 days, I think I’ve probably made a mistake or the cache in the browser, or some other reason. To be on the safe side, I put another panel, there should be traffic in the morning, the site should work.
I put a test server from scratch for the third time, another CP, what the hell is not kidding, change the browser in developer mode, without a cache, etc. And as you already guessed, again the error of adding the base. I start to smile nervously, but try one last try. By this time, the site was already working on another server, but as you may have guessed, it can barely cope with the loads, if you can leave the name, I will write below.

Why am I trying so persistently to put cp? Yes, because it was the first out of 10+ to be staged without dancing with a tambourine, and most importantly, it was dragging such a huge site, I’m even almost sure that only a few had such a volume on the open map, if there was still one. I did not consider other panels with openlight speed, tk. paid, voluminous and a lot of unnecessary. But this story with an error with packages surprised me today. Well, it cannot appear on a completely different server, with a different ip and browser. How?

Guys, I’ll put a new server, can you connect and see what’s the matter? From the support, of course. Everything will go as quickly as possible, I will give you a root, you yourself do what you want. The main thing is without mistakes.

No guys didn’t seem to me. Another data center, another image, ip, etc. All by default, added a site, add a database, and I see … see the screen.

I am sorry but I really didnt understand your issue properly. What exactly is the issue? The site is not working for you? You can send me private message with login details and I will check.

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Thanks a lot. But I do not seem to have the rights to private messages. Could you write to me first?

I will try to explain briefly. Sorry for the lengthy and possibly useless text. I corrected the default package by increasing the limits. After that, the site gave 305 responses. I reinstalled the CP but when adding a database for the site, it gives an error “Operation is not allowed 0”.

In general, guys, my mistake. I didn’t sleep much and didn’t pay attention to the fact that I set the name of the database with the dot base_name.loc And all a bunch of reinstallations but everywhere the same error. What is the saddest thing is that it is not clear by mistake) I hope the panel will develop in the future and the developers will take everything into account. In the meantime, a working panel for open lite lpeed. Well done.
p.s. is there where you can donate?

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