Change default SMTP port 25 for snappymail

Hi, when i try to send an email i get Can’t send a message
I opened port 25 on EC2 Server but it seems that is not enough, so i want to just change the default port to 587 so that i can send with snappymail.
Where to do that please?

No one knows about it, and those who do know don’t help :slight_smile:
I tried many ways but none of them worked.

Hello @bgbg @ForBilisim

You can change the port in snappymail admin settings go to https://SERVER_URL/snappymail/?admin

Hi Joseph, in Snappymail > admin > config, i did not find any option to edit default SMTP port or anything similar.
What i finally did is to change to smtp relay so that postfix uses a 3rd party smtp server instead of the local one. ( which might be even better)

He responds by reading other people’s articles :slight_smile: . There is no setting in https://SERVER_URL/snappymail/?admin, there was also the old “rainloop” but it did not work either, the ping time dropped to a and no e-mail could be sent.