Change backup destination on the same server

At the moment by default, backups get stored in /home/

I have a Volume storage block with my server located at /mnt/backups

Could in future in the the backup section, which the destination can be changed to any directory on the server?


This is and important and basic Featured that need to be added.

at the moment if account is deleted there us not backup to restore since the backup is create inside the customer folder. so account is terminated there is not local backup to restore since is not out of the customer account directory. is not a good way to save the backup this is more for customer to backup their account and download not for server side to do backup.

Please add backup for local backup so backups are outside customer directory account.

also that can be set custom folder in the server to save the backups.


hi cyberpanel,

can this be added?

we need the backups to be in the location we want, so when customer deleted their account this do not deleted the backup as it is now when customer deleted their account the backups is deleted too. this is bad.

A long time ago, but agree with this. On my VPS there is 1 folder that will NOT be removed when a clean install of Ubuntu will be done. Or please tell me the conf file where this can be adjusted.

Thank you in advance, a great and wonderful product you have btw. Weeks, months and numerous times a reinstall of the base software. This is the first Server panel that works and doesn’t crash after a couple of days. Every top 5 - 10 - 12 - 20 blogs speaking over the best, not once have I’ve seen your Cyberpanel with Openlitespeed in-between.

Is it possible to achieve this using symlinks?

It will be really nice, if it is possible. Actually i can’t save my backups at an other location…